cross pollination is great

Since cross pollination is great check out my last two updates on my blog I am trying to showcase great websites and photographers along with up and coming local photo talent. I have a few more installments coming in the next couple of weeks on this topic. Also MAJOR kudo’s to Trent for starting this site up and to his wife and family for allowing him and to his ability to never sleep so he can do all this stuff

This is It – We’re Live

Consider the site live. A new logo has been ordered, but we’ll start with the one we’ve got.

We’ll start spreading the word today. You can, too.

There is new information on the About page (like how to post by simply sending an e-mail), and we look forward to putting your name in the list of Photographers for Hire.

UtahPhotojournalism.Com will be as great a site as you all want it to be. Enjoy!


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