Pretty in Pink

Looking into the face of a dream...
Looking into the face of a dream...
just wanted to get the word out that I’m looking for a Mark II n body. My daughter is taking my current backup body to school with her this week.

More from the Utah Grand Prix

If you’re coming out to the miller motorsports park for le mans racing, here are a few more observations.

Media parking is in the A lot, next to the admin building where you pick up your credential (a pink wristband).

Lots of info at the media center including the snack layout in the photo below (Swedish fish!)

If you are totally new to racing, avoid going into the infield. Instead, hop on a photo shuttle with a map from the press center. The shuttles run every ten minutes or so. Just get off wherever you see a group of photogs. The guys in the custom orange and brown domke vests know what they are doing and will be in the best spots. Those guys are all shooting with 400mm and up. A 70-200 also comes on handy.

Other advice: clean your sensor if you’re doing pans. Bring a hat, sunscreen and bug spray. Not too hot but lots of sun. Ear protection too.

A reminder: The photo meeting at 7:30 is mandatory for getting a vest. That’s 7:30 am. Make sure you understand the dangers of the sport before you put yourself at risk.

Art or Environmental Vandalism

Recently I spent a couple days in the west desert working on a travel story. However, I was left questioning if some what I have seen was art or merely environmental vandalism. At my blog, I share some pics and write about the question. Simply click on photo

Haridwar, India Bookstore

Haridwar, India Bookstore

Nearly two weeks in India, and craving a new book I stumbled upon this book merchant in the Haridwar bazaar.  He had everything; yoga, Hindu teachings, self-help manuals, medical reference and more.  But he didn’t have Dan Brown’s, Angels & Demons!   More images to come from my travels to India, thanks Trent for the site.

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