Utah Photojournalism: 2009 – 2014

Yep. That’s it. On its fifth birthday (today), Utah Photojournalism is retiring. It’s time for a dignified end. A site like this should be either great, or gone. After drifting down to only ten or eleven posts per month, the possibility of being great is well beyond our collective reach.

And that’s a shame.

Even I stopped posting here, frustrated that the site had failed to keep the interest of the state’s photojournalists. Most of my colleagues also stopped posting here or never even started. Some of the most talented people I know, friends of mine with amazing photographs and stories, never posted here.

I always imagined what we could have done as a united group, posting our images together and sharing our experiences. For at least three of our years, it was magic. We even put out a book with the work of nearly thirty of Utah’s photojournalists.

But then we faded out, and it’s time to say goodbye.

To all photojournalists, photographers, friends, and readers who made this site what it was, through posting, commenting, reading… Thank You. It was a great run.

Our archive of posts will remain online and searchable, but there will be no new posts for the foreseeable future.


Catch You on the Flipside

Well it looks like my time here interning at the Deseret News and living Salt Lake City has sadly come to its end. Time to head back to the great icy tundra that is home in Minnesota.

Note: Not actually Minnesota. (From a trip to Greenland a few years back. Only slightly colder there)
Note: Not actually Minnesota. (From a trip to Greenland a few years back. Only slightly colder there)

Just kidding, but really, I want to thank all of you guys. The photog community here in Utah has been pretty amazing. Even if we were both trying to get “the shot” for our respective organizations, you guys never hesitated to gimme a hand or talk shop, helping me be a better photog myself.

You rock, plain and simple.

Don’t worry, this is definitely not a sign-off from UTPJ, but maybe a bit of an intermission until I’m able to land my next gig or internship (gotta keep fingers crossed these days that one of these applications will come through).

I’ll be hanging around SLC until the 16th (good old half month’s rent!) working on a personal project (that hopefully the DesNews will publish once it’s all finished up) so it would be a blast if a bunch of us photogs wanted to get together sometime this week down at the Beerhive. It’d be great to see a bunch of you again before I head out. I’m thinking Thursday evening around 8ish sounds good. Think one of ya’ll could pass it along to non-UTPJ people—those heathens—like Bowmer, Melissa, etc.?

Feel free to get in touch with me in the future at Who knows, maybe I’ll find my way back to Utah one day. Until then, take ‘er easy UTPJ.

Its been real

Later, Utah Photojournalism.

You will always be remembered as: great friends, amazing shooters and face-melting inspirations. I’ll miss your friendships, long nights drinking, company on the sidelines, and support. There is no photo community like Utah, but wherever I land next – county, city, state, or country – I’ll be sure to take what I learned here with me there.

This is my sign off. Its been real. Love you. Mean it. Coin for life.


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