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Kristin Murphy posted this on Facebook today, so I think a few of us have already seen it, but I wanted to share it here as well. She posted this link to the Healthy Environment ALliance of Utah who apparently poached the above Tribune photos by Chris Detrick and Trent Nelson, as confirmed by Chris. Kristin called them up and had this to say on Facebook:

“They are an equal opportunity poacher. They have Deseret News photos on their page too. I called Matt at HEAL to tell him that I think they are an important organization (and one that I support) but that their photo poaching is drawing negative attention and distracting away from their core message. He started off by saying that things are a lot looser these days and once photos are in the public domain anyone can use them. By the end of the conversation though, he vowed to be better and to educate his staff about copyright.”

I feel like we’re starting to need separate “poached” and “stockphoto” categories or something…

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