Catching up – Minus Four

The credentials of four former Tribune photographers hanging above my desk.

What’s happened in my life since 2014? All good on the personal side. I’m still working at The Salt Lake Tribune, plus the fovi8 photo community is going strong. I’ve learned a ton in developing and coding that photo site. You upload and judge photos, you get feedback and in-game currency. There’s a monthly zine. We could always use new members so check it out. 

But 2018 was when everything happened in my photojournalism world.

One of my best friends and colleagues left the Tribune to establish what will surely be the best brewery in SLC. That put us down to seven photographers.

And then we had a massive layoff and lost three more.

It’s impossible to explain the loss of talent and experience and knowledge. But more important is the human cost, the emotional turmoil and scramble those three must have gone through. Their careers were extraordinary and each added to my life in impactful ways.

Our current staff is down to Francisco, Jeremy, Leah, Rachel, Rick, and me.

I don’t know how long the job lasts. If I thought about that a lot my performance would implode. All I think about now is going out strong, doing work I’m proud of, sprinting to the finish line. I want to take risks, stand where the other photographers aren’t, and do work that stands out. At this point, what have I got to lose?

Trent Nelson

Chief Photographer @ The Salt Lake Tribune. @trenthead | | The Click

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