Utah Photojournalism: 2009 – 2014

Yep. That’s it. On its fifth birthday (today), Utah Photojournalism is retiring. It’s time for a dignified end. A site like this should be either great, or gone. After drifting down to only ten or eleven posts per month, the possibility of being great is well beyond our collective reach.

And that’s a shame.

Even I stopped posting here, frustrated that the site had failed to keep the interest of the state’s photojournalists. Most of my colleagues also stopped posting here or never even started. Some of the most talented people I know, friends of mine with amazing photographs and stories, never posted here.

I always imagined what we could have done as a united group, posting our images together and sharing our experiences. For at least three of our years, it was magic. We even put out a book with the work of nearly thirty of Utah’s photojournalists.

But then we faded out, and it’s time to say goodbye.

To all photojournalists, photographers, friends, and readers who made this site what it was, through posting, commenting, reading… Thank You. It was a great run.

Our archive of posts will remain online and searchable, but there will be no new posts for the foreseeable future.


Trent Nelson

Chief Photographer @ The Salt Lake Tribune. @trenthead | | The Click

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  1. Well shoot. I’m sorry to hear this news. I wish a post had been put up to light a fire under the collective butts
    of this community of journalists. I also wish the capacity to upload on our own had never been taken away.

  2. RIP.

  3. I to am sorry to see this end, believe it or not I really enjoy seeing the work being produced!

  4. I always enjoyed seeing new posts. I would check everyday to see what was new. I’m definitely going to miss seeing everybody’s work that doesn’t get published in the papers. This site has not only given me the opportunity to post photos, but to learn, and I think that I even gained a few friends from it. Thanks for sharing everybody and helping me to continually learn new things, new techniques and gain a stronger understanding of what photojournalism is all about. This site gave me a lot of motivation and gave me a good view on what to expect with this career while going to school. I always looked forward to comments and feedback, positive and negative, from everyone. Thanks for keeping it going this long, I’m sad to see it go.

  5. I’m also really sorry to see this go, but as one of those folks who hasn’t posted in months, I guess I can understand. I’ve been thinking for the last few days about what I wanted to post on here, and I’m still not sure. I just hope that as things change around here faster and faster, that some community amongst Utah photojournalists can be maintained. (I know the hypocrisy in me saying that since I was gone for last year’s dinner and know many of you only through shooting shooting high school play-offs.) I wonder if there would be any interest about maintaining at least a Facebook group or doing some sort of semi-regular potluck/get together. Any thoughts?

  6. NO I love this site. It’s great to be able to keep up with old friends and see what’s going on in Utah photojournalism news. I did notice that posts were coming less frequently though. I wish every state and photo community had a site like this.

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