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Hey all, I wanted to share some of the work I got to see at the Atlanta Photojournalism Seminar last weekend. There’s so much “stuff” on the internet I feel like sometimes I miss out on some of the great stories my fellow photojournalists produce. So, put down Reddit or Facebook or whatever for an hour and check these out:

Liz O. Baylen: Dying for Relief/LA Times This is a really solid and intense piece on prescription drug addiction that combines photos, video, text and interactive graphics.

Travis Fox: Cell Tower Deaths/Frontline Travis started off as a still shooter and evolved into a videographer who now primarily shoots TV-style documentaries.

Alan Spearman: As I Am/As suggested by Vimeo’s Jason Sondhi Jason made a really good point when he showed this piece: Vimeo strives to present your video experience as a luxury – something that stands out from the “web at large.” I have long, long felt many newspapers have made the horrible mistake of choosing quantity over quality and throwing up (pun intended) 200 photos in a photo gallery or grabbing trending cat videos to boost page views. Either be a resource for quality news and images or give up and start Vimeo’s staff curates a “staff picks” page that I highly recommend.

Ashley Gilbertson: A Game of Shark and Minnow/As suggested by NBC News’ Meredith Birkett The New York Times really took storytelling to a whole other level with this piece about relations between the governments of China and the Philippines. It’s a fantastic example of going above and beyond “slideshows” or “videos” and really creating an interactive experience for the viewer.

Finally, two things from Associated Press photographer David Goldman, who spoke about “making something out of nothing”:

David Goldman: I Carry This With Me David paid his own way to get to Afghanistan the first time around and was embedded with this particular group of soldiers. There wasn’t much “action” happening on this trip, so decided to make portraits of the soldiers with personal mementos and shoot video, which he turned into this really beautiful multimedia piece.

David won first place in BoP 2013 for his 2012 Olympics picture story on dressage, which is pretty much photos of everything except action. I wish he had a gallery online of some of the images he showed from press conferences because I think it would be very relevant to most of the people who read this blog. Needless to say, he has a solid body of work of pictures of anything and everything except people speaking at a podium.

What’s the best story you’ve seen this week?

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