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After we ran this photo and a story about this fellow’s new restaurant in St. George and wrote about his tale of beating Bobby Flay on Iron Chef America the Food Network called and said “never heard of ’em.”

Numerous Google searches only confirmed that other media outlets, including the SL Trib when they wrote about him opening the restaurant at Eagle Point Ski Resort when they opened a couple years ago, had also written about him beating Bobby Flay. But no show record, he’s not on the list of contestants on Wikipedia (although that is Wikipedia), and he’s not listed anywhere on the Food Network site.

So we ran a correction.

What I wonder is, will he still hang the plaque up in his restaurant?


An article on the front of Sunday’s Southern Utah Life section about Chef Craig Haslebacher identified him as a winner of the Food Net­work program “Iron Chef America,” during which, he said, he beat celeb­rity Chef Bobby Flay.

Food Network has disputed Haslebacher’s claim, saying the company has no record of Haslebacher ever appearing on the show. Haselbacher was also pictured with a plaque featuring the show’s signa­ture crossed knives, which he said the network sent him.

Irika Slavin, vice president of communications and public relations for Food Net­work, said via email that her compa­ny does not make or give plaques.

Other media outlets in Utah and Washington state have previously identified Haslebacher as an “Iron Chef America” competitor in various stories. However, this appears to be the first time Haslebacher’s claims have come to the attention of Food Network.

When contacted Monday about the Food Network response, Haslebach­er stood behind his claims, saying he knows what happened and that he was at Food Network.

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  1. For starters that plaque doesn’t seem legit. Winners of Iron Chef America are not named Iron Chef as the top of the plaque would suggest. Secondly the knives are not in the right direction. Notice the bottom knife blade points up, the Iron Chef logo both blades face down. There is no Food Network logo on the plaque. That doesn’t mean it isn’t real, but I’d never leave my own logo off a plaque I gave out.

    I’d also believe Food Network, they’d have no reason to hide this info. Worst case he participated as a sou chef or a stage hand. Still I believe Food Network about not giving out plaque as no other images of them appear online.

    Lastly I’d give him the chance to have competed and won but not aired. Still I can’t see why Food Network wouldn’t share that info. Who knows.

  2. To be sure, though, I’d want to see what the Deseret News wrote. I find that they are usually spot on with this kind of thing.

  3. Yeah we saw that tweet too, it’s not from the actual Food Network it’s from a message board site about the Food Network and if you follow the link they posted it retells a story that they got from a newspaper in Washington State back in 2010 and it just quotes him telling about being on the show and the story he told us about getting the plaque in the mail. The link to the actual story is gone and nowhere in the full tweet does it mention any official sources. It’s all from the chef.

  4. And in hindsight I agree totally with you, Adam, the plaque looks bogus. But when I was taking the guy’s picture, I didn’t even think about it. He said, Food Network sent it to him, had a whole story about how one of the knives came loose in the box and he had to go down to UPS and pick it up because they wouldn’t deliver it…

  5. Jud, Let’s get to the bottom of this. I’ll ship you some dangerous knives via UPS!

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