1983-1993 Daily Herald Photo Archive at BYU Library

Bonnie Ellis, Daily Herald darkroom, January 1989

Bonnie Ellis, Daily Herald darkroom, January 1989

At some point the Daily Herald donated an archive of contact sheets and negatives to the BYU library (info at link below). Here are a few of my favorite entries from the list of the contents:

– Various men fishing (5 proof sheets, 18 negatives)

– Various businesses and businessmen in 1979 (37 proof sheets, 10 negatives)

– L.D.S. church buildings and leaders (27 proof sheets, 30 negatives)
– Non- L.D.S. churches (4 proof sheets, 4 negatives)

– Senior citizen ladies with a quilt they made for charity (1 proof sheet)

– The 1990 season of BYU Football (135 proof sheets, 500 negatives)

– A cow (1 proof sheet, 1 negative)

– The Archuleta Trial (14 proof sheets, 40 negatives)
Note: This guy is on death row awaiting execution by a Utah firing squad. I shot the sentencing with our new Nikon F4, which had one of the first “silent” modes.

– Cold fusion experimenters (5 proof sheets)

– Twenty-six mysterious stones found by Capt. Jay Barker (2 proof sheets, 6 negatives)

– The Osmonds (Marie and the Osmond Brothers) (30 proof sheets, 3 negatives)

– “Rex the Pig” (4 proof sheets, 6 negatives)

– A burned Satanic barn (1 proof sheet, 6 negatives)

– Traffic accidents (50 proof sheets, 300 negatives)
– Traffic accidents (25 proof sheets, 120 negatives)
– Traffic accidents (60 proof sheets, 300 negatives)
– Traffic accidents (50 proof sheets, 240 negatives)

Daily Herald darkroom, with police scanner, copy camera, and Dennis Patterson’s F3 and Domke bag, 1988

Brian Tregaskis, Steve Heiner, Steve “Waldo” Olsen, Dennis Patterson, Kathy Cullen, Lane Critser, Doug Lind, David Dahl, Tamara Sneddon, Bonnie Ellis, Jason Olson. All of them will have work in this archive. Good times.

Link: Preliminary Register of the Daily Herald Newspaper Photographs (Provo, UT), ca. 1983-1993

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  1. This seriously makes me wish I’d thought to grab some shots of the Spectrum’s darkroom before they turned it into a server room o-so-long ago….

  2. Wow….surfing the internet and just saw this picture of myself!!!
    I am Bonnie Ellis and that was me in the darkroom of the Daily Herald where I worked as a photographer while I was a student at BYU!!
    Very cool!!! Awesome memories of that room!!!

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